Eat Out Bermuda 2015 article recently published!

Wild Hogge – Bermuda Exclusively Inspired Wines


Huw and Dale Morris are true “partners” in a winemaking venture called WILD HOGGE . This husband and wife team have created a wine experience that is both well suited to, and inspired by, their time spent together on the beautiful island of Bermuda. 


Huw lived in Bermuda for almost 27 years and worked as an anesthesiologist at the King Edward VIIth Memorial Hospital. For his last 25 years on “dee rock”, he was president and co-founder of the Bermuda Wine Circle, a wine tasting group that started off with about 35 members and has grown to over 200 members, meeting frequently to taste wines from around the world.  Meanwhile, Dale established a Masters degree program with Wheelock College and certified 77 teachers in Bermuda.


Moving to Paso Robles, California in 2005, Huw and Dale had previously toured, and fallen in love with the area. Paso Robles is located about 4 hours south of Napa/Sonoma in the Central Coast area, half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles. It is a new wine region getting some serious recognition. At the time, Paso Robles was home to only 50 wineries; now, just ten years later, the total number is well over 250. That same year, Wild Hogge released its first and only wine of 2005, a Cabernet Sauvignon, which won a Gold medal in the Central Coast Wine competition, the most prestigious event in the area!  The Wild Hogge winemaking philosophy has and always will be, very simple: quality is paramount.


Bermudian culture and wildlife have shaped the image, branding and especially the packaging of the entire line of Huw and Dale’s wines. Most visible; The Wild Hogge label, is based on a water-colour painting by American artist, Winslow Homer. Homer was familiar with the island and its history, including the 16-century stories of how hogs swam ashore from sinking ships to become the first “settlers” of Bermuda. Using rough strokes and earthy tones, the artist depicted five of these famous wild hogs roaming a cedar grove near water’s edge. It’s an unusual, eye-catching portrayal, and one that will be forever commemorated on these familiar labels. Additionally, the foil enclosure on the top of every Wild Hogge bottle has an embossment of Bermuda’s original currency….the Hog Penny coin!


 The Wild Hogge “Moongate”, a blend of Primitivo (a zinfandel clone), Cabernet Franc and Syrah, is a fruit-forward wine that was given its title after the free-standing limestone arches through which all lucky Bermuda newlyweds must pass. This wine has a powerful aroma of earthiness and dark berry fruit and is a recommended accompaniment to any lamb dish or rich meal. 


Likewise, Wild Hogge’s “Tree Frog” is a unique and mellow Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah blend, named for Bermuda’s species of tiny nighttime-whistling amphibians. The dark, resonant blend is made from grapes harvested from both the East and West sides of Paso Robles and pairs well with roasted meat or strong cheese.


Finally, Wild Hogge wines are specifically made and exclusively marketed to Bermuda. Only a very limited quantity, about 400 cases, is released each year. By focusing their efforts on a small batch size, Wild Hogge is able to precisely monitor quality and ensure that each bottle is rich, lush and well matured. And, in choosing to sell only to the Bermudian marketplace, Huw and Dale demonstrate their passion for handpicked, handcrafted wine and a lasting appreciation for Bermuda and their experiences here.


Wild Hogge wines are imported and available through Burrows Lightbourn Wine & Spirits, and most fine restaurants and retailers across the island. Current releases include; Wild Hogge Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and of course “Moongate” and “Tree Frog”. 


Wild Hogge….a collection of Bermudian inspired wines, representing the history and beauty of this amazing island in the middle of the Atlantic. Enjoy a bottle yourself, or as a unique and delicious gift commemorating your time in Bermuda.