Wild Hogge came into being in 2005 when Huw, Dale and daughter Sian moved from Bermuda to the east side of Paso Robles on the Central Coast of California. Living in an area surrounded by beautiful vineyards, we decided to make wine from grapes grown within sight of our home. 

     Huw and Dale Morris are partners in this winemaking venture called WILD HOGGE, producing award winning wines.

    After winning a Gold medal for our first vintage of 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon, we decided to expand our artisan line of wines produced specifically for the Bermudian market.  This gives us a link to the island and our friends that we love and miss dearly.  

     Paying attention to detail results in a high quality wine that wine connoisseurs would enjoy.  Huw has a reputation for knowing his wines after spending 23 years as President of the Bermuda Wine Circle, a wine tasting group with over 200 members meeting monthly to taste wines from around the world. 

     Huw’s passion for wine continues as we produce quality wines.  Annual production is about 400 cases per year.

    We also have another label for the American consumer called JADE MOON.  The wine used for JADE MOON is the same as WILD HOGGE.  Visit JadeMoonWine.com for purchases in the USA.

Photography is owned and taken or provided by Dale Morris and is not to be used without permission.



Initially we thought we would plant a vineyard but we welcome the freedom to change our varietals, create exciting blends, and source the best fruit we can find.
— Huw Morris

Awards from wine competitions:

Wild Hogge wines have been awarded high points from the Wine Enthusiast as well as Gold and Silver Medals from all the competitions entered.

See Awards page in menu for full list of our valued recognition.